Organics Unlimited, Organic F-20 Crumbles Starter Feed, 50lbs

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Pastured Poultry

Our chicken rations are designed to simplify the task of raising broilers for meat and pullets for egg production.  We have enabled you to start all your chicks on our 20% Grower Ration product.  Your broilers will remain on the 20% feed until the desired market weight is obtained.  Your pullets may be fed the 20% feed until they reach 16 weeks.  Then at 16 weeks switch to our 16% Laying Ration product for their untire laying cycle.


  • Always provide plenty of fresh water.  Many health problems start with a lack of adequate fresh water
  • Keep your chicks warm and dry
  • Provide adequate space and fresh air
  • Provide free choice oyster shells for your laying hens to keep a good hard shell quality on your eggs


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